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  • 44th UIC Annual Shareholders Meeting

    June 3rd, 2017 at 1:00pm Ipalook Elementary Auditorium

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    UIC is one of the largest companies in Alaska as well as a large employer in the state, and also has operations nationwide. UIC provides a broad range of services to its clients, ranging from construction, architecture, engineering, regulatory consulting, marine services, logistics, maintenance and manufacturing, government contracting, and more.

    Because of the size and diversity of our operations, we can offer a broad variety of career opportunities to qualified professionals who are looking to join a workforce characterized by strong leadership, competent and hard-working coworkers, a focus on continuous development, and great wages and benefits. The UIC family of companies values our employees; it is they who have been instrumental in UIC’s successes, and they who will build the UIC of tomorrow.

    As a proud Alaska Native Corporation, our workforce is guided by the shared purpose of providing growth to our corporation and resources to our Iñupiat shareholders of today and future generations, while embodying the Iñupiat values of hard work, cooperation, and humility.

    A career at UIC can take many forms, if you would like to join UIC and it's Family of Companies, click here to visit our job openings.

  • UIC’s Shareholder Development Program is focused on helping our shareholders and their families meet a broad range of professional development needs. Our Shareholder Development and Shareholder Relations Departments work closely to identify and track the interests and development needs of our shareholders and their families, and coordinates resources across UIC’s family of companies and our communities to help them achieve their educational and career goals at UIC or wherever their career path leads. Learn more>