Science Support

The Iñupiat of the North Slope have a long history of providing support and knowledge to the scientific community. In 1992, UIC founded the 7,466-acre Charles Etok Edwardsen Barrow Environmental Observatory to conserve areas that have scientific value. 

UIC Science, a member of the UIC family of companies, handles all permitting for scientific-use, and any questions can be directed to the contact listed below. While assisting visiting scientists conducting research in the Arctic with their projects' logistical needs, UIC Science hires local Iñupiat staff members that are extremely knowledgeable about the Arctic environment.  From Arctic orientation and facilities planning, to vehicle maintenance and bear hazing, UIC Science works to ensure researchers' needs are addressed. You can visit the Barrow Bulletin website to learn more about UIC Science's Arctic logistics services. 

Nagruk Harcharek, General Manager, Logistics Support
(907) 852-7503