UIC Oil & Gas Services

UIC Oil and Gas Services companies provide scientific, regulatory and oilfield services, including oil spill prevention and response. We understand the political landscape of the Arctic with regard to industrial and community development and leverage our local knowledge for uniquely Arctic solutions. 

UIC Science

UIC Science has the experience and staff to rapidly mobilize and carry out field investigations in some of the most extreme environmental conditions on earth.  Our partners depend on UIC Science for traditional knowledge, arctic fieldwork and monitoring, cultural resource investigations and logistics services. Visit the Barrow Bulletin website to learn more about UIC Science's Arctic logistics services.

UIC Arctic Response Services

Provides a full range of oil spill prevention and response services including onshore, nearshore, and offshore. UIC Arctic Response Services also performs related equipment maintenance, training, and asset management.

UIC Oil & Gas Services Subsidiaries

  • UIC Science

    UIC Science
    PO Box 936
    Barrow, AK 99723
    Phone: (907) 852-7392
    Fax: (907) 852-6488

    Visit UIC Science website


    • Arctic Logistic Support
    • Cultural Resources Management
    • Arctic Fieldwork & Monitoring
    • Traditional Knowledge & Sociocultural Research
    • Bear Guarding & Field Safety
  • UIC Arctic Response Services

    UIC Arctic Response Services
    301 Calista Ct. Suite 101
    Anchorage, AK 99518  
    P: (907) 865-4900
    F: (907) 334-8264



    • Response Planning and Operations
    • Onshore, Near-shore and Offshore Oil Spill Prevention
    • Equipment Maintenance and Training
    • Asset Management