Businesses and Artisans

UIC is proud to highlight shareholder-owned businesses and artists. Whether you are an artisan, or small business owner, the entrepreneurial spirit helps build stronger economies for our communities. 

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Disclaimer: UIC provides the details below as a service for informational purposes only. We hope that you find this information helpful, but UIC does not endorse and takes no responsibility for any of the products or services these businesses offer, or the ways in which they offer them. UIC does not investigate or evaluate the listed businesses in any way, and makes no warranty, express or implied, about the truthfulness of any statement a listed entity or individual makes. UIC reserves complete discretion in deciding whether to list any business, to maintain any listing, and to update any listing or link. All artwork, designs and images are © individual artists and UIC. All rights and privileges are retained by the artist, and artwork, designs and images may not be used for any purposes without permission from the artist or UIC. Thank you. 

  • Artist Jonah Taleak

    Jonah Taleak works in various mediums including ivory carvings and beaded jewelry.

    Phone: (907) 699-2247

  • Artist Amy Nusunginya

    Amy knits a variety of items including hats, headbands and purses

    Phone: (907) 488-0306

  • Artist Anita M. Okomailuk

    Skin masks, beaded jewelry, block prints, necklaces and drums.

    Phone: (907) 720-6455

  • Artist Flossie Iqilan Spencer

    Specializes in all types of fur skin sewing including stuffed animals, purses, wallets, mukluks, parkas, slippers, hats, mittens, baby booties and earrings.

    Phone: (907) 227-4615

  • Artist Charles Tuckfield

    Iconic images illustrated by Charles Tuckfield capture the traditional life in the Arctic. The pen and ink illustrations are available as limited edition prints as well as original works of art on linen.


  • Artist Vernon Rexford

    Vernon Rexford is an experienced baleen scrimshaw artist.


  • Artist Wendell Brower

    Wendell Brower creates beautiful artwork that connects with his cultural heritage.

    Phone: (907) 231-9345