Land Access

Visitors may access and use UIC land on a limited basis with written permission. Permitting is required for all UIC land use and applications must be submitted in writing to the UIC Lands Department. Guides, hunters and anglers, tour operators, photographers, scientists, bird watchers and other outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to respect UIC land and contact the UIC Lands Department to learn more about land use policies.


Any person who is not a UIC shareholder and does not have a permit from UIC may not enter any UIC lands. Unauthorized use of UIC land is prohibited and trespassing is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Land inspections of UIC land are conducted on a regular basis to prevent unauthorized use. All federal, state and local regulations and laws apply to any UIC land use.

Land Use Permits

The use of UIC lands requires an approved permit. Click here to download and print the permit application. If you are requesting access for a film crew please click here to download the Film Crew Permit Application.  All permit holders are prohibited from damaging UIC lands, and must remove any debris or garbage. Hunting is permitted on UIC land only by holders of UIC shareholder guest, local resident, and reciprocal use permits.

Please direct any questions and mail or email the completed permit application and any other required information listed on the application to:

UIC Lands Department
P.O. Box 890
Barrow, Alaska 99723
Phone: (907) 852-7434or (907) 852-7462
Fax: (907) 852-4459

Scientific Community Permitting and Logistics Support

The Iñupiat of the North Slope have a long history of providing support and knowledge to visiting arctic researchers. In 1992 UIC founded the Barrow Environmental Observatory (BEO) to conserve areas that have scientific value or have been used for scientific research. The BEO research preserve consists of 7,466 acres of arctic tundra near Barrow, Alaska permanently set aside for arctic research projects.

UMIAQ, a member of the UIC family of companies, handles all permitting for scientific-use and any questions can be directed to the contact listed below. UMIAQ hires local Iñupiat staff members that are extremely knowledgeable about the arctic environment and helps scientists conducting research in the Arctic with their projects' logistical needs. From Arctic orientation and facilities planning to vehicle maintenance and bear hazing, UMIAQ works to ensure researchers' needs are addressed. You can visit the Barrow Bulletin website to learn more about the logistics services offered by UMIAQ and their partners.