Careers at UIC

We are committed to creating job opportunities for our shareholders throughout the United States!

1. Visit our careers page to browse available jobs 
2.  Find a job that interests you that you have the qualifications to perform.
3.  Apply!  We can’t hire you otherwise.

Don’t meet the qualifications?

A major focus of our Shareholder Development Program is to close the gap between the qualifications you have and the qualifications you need to get the job you want.  Contact the Shareholder Development Office to get connected to training opportunities at UIC and elsewhere. 

Didn’t get the job?

UIC’s HR representatives are committed to giving feedback to shareholders and their families that pursue a job but aren’t selected.  That’s feedback other candidates won’t receive that gives our shareholders and their families the opportunity to be better prepared the next time around.

UIC’s Employment Preference

UIC is committed to improving the economic well-being of our shareholders . We measures our success in shareholder development by the success stories our shareholders and their families can tell.  

For this reason, UIC exercises an employment preference in favor of UIC shareholders, spouses of UIC shareholders and descendants of UIC shareholders, and gives clear guidance to management on how that preference is to be applied.

The hiring manager, with the support of UIC or subsidiary Human Resources, is responsible for ascertaining the shareholder status of applicants and applying the preference policy in this order of priority:

1. UIC shareholders
2. Spouses and descendants of UIC shareholders
3. UIC employees in good standing
4. Shareholders of other Alaska Native Corporations

Careers Elsewhere

UIC will be the destination for many of the career paths of our shareholders and their families, but some career paths may lead elsewhere. We help shareholders and their families down their chosen career paths, wherever they may lead.

Resume and Job Search Assistance

UIC offers assistance to shareholders and their families with writing, updating, and uploading resumes to your online UIC profile. Effectively presenting qualifications in your resume is critical to getting an interview and being identified as the “well qualified” candidate that lands the job.  Simply call or visit your nearest UIC or subsidiary office location  and ask for an HR representative to provide resume assistance.

Shareholder Sample Resume
Shareholder Complete Application Notice