Workforce Development

UIC’s Workforce Development Program was built to meet the growing service demands of development activities in the Arctic.

UIC is building a pool of job seekers, with the goal of cross-training employees for positions across multiple projects. Visit the Events page to see what training opportunities are currently available. The importance of local hire is vital to local and statewide communities for jobs and economic sustainability.














The goal of the Training Development Program is to:

  • Be proactive in recruitment efforts across the North Slope and Alaska.
  • Create awareness of upcoming positions within the communities to prepare potential candidates to meet project needs.
  • Identify a career path for workers by mentoring each person’s development while building their credentials.

Training Capabilities:

  • Maritime 30 hours OSHA
  • Construction 30 hours OSHA
  • General Industry 30 hours OSHA
  • Disaster Site Worker OSHA
  • 40 hour HAZWOPER
  • North Slope Training Cooperative
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Construction Management
  • Able Body Seaman
  • Protected Species Observer

If you are a shareholder, descendant, or spouse of a shareholder and would like to participate in one of our training programs, please contact us at: 


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